Pioneering Plant-Based Foods in Public Schools

Every child deserves a great educational experience and deserves access to healthy plant-based food options that taste delicious and are kid approved!

Meet Chef GW Chew


Growing up in rural Southern Maryland to a family of devoted carnivores, our founder, Chef GW Chew, experienced the tragedy of losing close relatives due to diet-related diseases (diabetes, cancer, and other illnesses linked to poor diet and overconsumption of animal meat products). In 2001, at the age of 18, he made the decision to go vegan in pursuit of a healthier lifestyle, but found that many plant-based foods at the time were less than palatable. With a relentless passion, Chef Chew sought to understand why our bodies crave meat, and over the course of nearly 15 years experimenting with literally thousands of ingredients and cooking techniques, he found the secret to the most authentic plant-based versions of his favorite ethnic and comfort foods. Better Chew was born!

Kid Approved

Watch the positive reaction of a young student who tried our Vegan Mac n Cheese!

A Pioneering Partnership

Scratch Made

Our plant based products have been skillfully developed to ensure that we provide the proper dietary requirements for your students. Our Mac & Cheese has two (2) meat/meat alternative allowances and one (1) grain allowance per serving. All of our plant-based meat provides two (2) meat/meat alternative allowances per serving. Please see our product formulation statements below for more details.

  • Make any school menu item plant-based with ease
  • Easily substitute out with any of our plant-based proteins
  • Made with simple ingredients you can pronounce!

Our Offerings

All of our plant-based options are heat and serve, made in minutes, with minimal preparation. We have also launched our Mac and Chew Program, to provide schools with a delicious plant-based Mac n Cheese students can enjoy!


Mac n Cheese

Chicken Lo Mein

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What Does “Democratizing Access” Mean?

To democratize something is to make it accessible to everyone. Quality, nutritious, affordable food should be available to everyone…but it’s not. Access is the root of our mission, and this is why we are working with the school districts to make this happen.

Manufacturing As A Mission

We manufacture Better Chew products in our own factory because it’s important. There are very few minority-owned (especially black-owned) manufacturers in the US. Most of the food products on any grocery shelf are made by people that don’t look like us. We recognize that Better Chew can provide more than healthful food. Our mission of changing lives one chew at a time can extend to providing great jobs, impacting not just the health of our customers, but the lives of those in our communities. We hope that our commitment to the mission in every capacity will further inspire those who may be unsure about a plant-based diet to try it.

Want a Free Live Demo?

Schedule some time with Chef Chew for an on site demo that will give you the opportunity to not only sample our flavorful plant-based meals, but learn all the different ways you can incorporate it into your menu!

Better Chew is a brand of products sold by Something Better Foods, Inc., a Public Benefit Corporation (B-Corp) committed to creating healthy, plant-based food solutions that are affordable and accessible to ALL people.

Better Chew products are proudly produced in Vallejo, CA, by Something Better Foods, Inc


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